The culinary delight of the Ribera Baixa is its wide range of rice based meals, as the neighbouring city of Sueca and its surroundings is Spain's most important rice production area. For a start there is the great 'paella', every bit as sacred an institution as tea is to England: it was invented here. But there is much more to discover, such as the famous all i pebre based on a mix of eel, potatoes, garlic and pepper, or the fideua which is a kind of seafood paella with pasta instead of rice.
And the good news about food is the fine ingredients: nearly everything is grown right here so you are not eating food which has been shipped half way around the world, especially the superb range of seafood.

People who like desserts also get a fair go with excellent pastries: coques fines, of segí, of cacau, morena, or of carabassa, Chrismas' pastissets, rotllets de Sant Blai, Arnadí...

Several close wine producing areas can mix with the best wines Spain can offer: Alto Turia, Valentino, Moscatel, Clariano, and the cava.

To temper summer hot temperatures, a large variety of cold drinks and refreshments have been invented overtime: the horchata, llima granissada, granissat coffee, llet merengada, gelat de torrons.

And don't forget Spain's traditionnal tapas time, an additionnal occasion to discover some more new tastes...

Paellas International Conquest in Sueca                  

As comfortable as the best hotel, as cosy as a guest house and as surprising as a lodge: La Torreta at Corbera (Valence), Spain.